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9 South African Food Dishes You Must Try, So Delicious!

South Africa is a country located in the southern part of the African continent. The country that once hosted the World Cup is not only able to present its stunning culture and tourism. Instead, the cuisine is no less delicious and appetizing.

Just like other countries on the African continent, this area is famous for having many and varied types of animals and plants. Therefore, processed foods from African natural resources are certainly very varied and interesting to listen to and enjoy.

For those of you who are interested in knowing what South African specialties are, here are nine lists.

*Warning: these 9 food lists are subjective and please don’t drool from hunger to see these delicious foods, haha. The bigger the number here does not indicate a better food, but only as a marker.

1. Vetkoek and mince.

Vetkoek and mince

This menu is a typical South African fried cake filled with minced meat.

2. Boerewors


This one menu looks like sausage made from minced meat with various spices.

3. Biltong

Biltong South Africa

This preparation is made from dried meat which is added with spices.

4. Chakalaka


It looks like curry, but this soup menu consists of various vegetables and of course spicy taste.

5. Tomato brandies


This menu is famous for its long processing process, especially with the use of various spices. The filling is also in the form of pumpkin, tomatoes, green beans, and various vegetables.

6. Sosatie


This food at first glance looks like a kebab satay, but the taste is still typical of African spices. The meat used can also be chicken, goat, or beef with apricots which are also grilled together

7. Mopane caterpillar

Mopane caterpillar south africa food

Although fairly extreme, this type of caterpillar is one of the popular ones to eat as a snack or an ingredient on a vegetable menu after the caterpillar is dried.

8. Melktert


This menu is more suitable to be called a custard tart preparation with a soft texture and sweet taste.

9. Bobotie


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Made from beef, bread, and seeds, this dish looks like a delicious pie that can be eaten with warm rice.

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Of course, everyone’s taste is different because the nature of taste itself is subjective and it is very possible that our choice here is subjective. However, we have selected some of the best and most famous culinary options in this South African country.

It’s quite possible that there are other great food options that haven’t been on our list. Therefore, we encourage our readers to share their thoughts in the comments section on other delicious dishes in South Africa.

Well, those are some typical South African preparations that are ready to arouse your taste buds. Which one fits best on the tongue?

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